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Emotional  Coaching  is Personal Development.  It puts light on the 'Shadow' self, the unconscious part of you that interferes with and obstructs your path to knowing and experiencing your true self.  The process integrates your shadow self with your creative self-expression.  It provides 'A Foundation For Life'. 

Emotional Coaching  work examines what you have learned in childhood and what belief system developed as a result. You discern the positive and negative aspects of this and choose what to keep or let go of.  The process provides a safe environment to feel your feelings.  It uses acting, breathing, sound, physical exercises and psychodrama.  You learn relaxation and centering.  Focus is then placed on identifying, developing and channeling your creativity - culminating in your positive, individual self-expression.  

Hypnosis  is an additional option available to further explore unconscious memories that affect your life experience.  

It is a privilege, an inspiration, and a joy to work with courageous and creative people and to share their journey. 

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