Your emotions are the rich colors and textures with which you paint

your world.  How you feel is of the utmost importance.  How you feel determines what your life will look like.


Children are full of emotions and imagination.  They play - they

discover - they invent - and they draw outside the lines. Depending

upon the childhood, these things are encouraged and channeled

positively, or they are stifled. As shame and judgement enter our

consciousness, we begin to alter our expression and behavior.

Emotional Coaching  work consists of examining what you have learned in childhood and what belief system developed as a result. You discern the positive and negative aspects of this and choose what to keep or let go of.  The process uses acting, breathing, sound, physical exercises and psychodrama to experience your feelings.  

Hypnosis is used to explore unconscious memories that negatively affect you.  At the same time, it teaches relaxation and centering. Focus is then placed on identifying, developing and channeling your creativity, creating positive self-expression. 

It is a privilege, an inspiration, and a joy to work with courageous and creative people and to share their journey.