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"...Linda Perhach is a great acting teacher!

  Her astuteness and sensitivity have been

       invaluable throughout my career."


 - Michael  O'Neill

("The West Wing",  "Boston Public",  "24",  "Grey's Anatomy",  "J.Edgar")

" an actor who has studied with numerous teachers

over the years, I have found that Ms. Perhach's ability

as a coach to evoke deep and sincere emotional responses

is a rare gift indeed... a director, I have never worked with a more

enthusiastic, dedicated, and talented performer than


...and finally, as a person, she is a love...pure and simple."

 - David  Teschendorf

("Melrose Place",  "Hyperion Bay",  "Another World")

 "...Linda has a great ability to bring forth a person's feelings.  She has given me the tools necessary to build a complete character and has helped me utilize myself fully as an actor.  She is very insightful, and extremely supportive." 

 - Marc  Coppola

 (DJ Q 104.3,  "Peggy Sue Got Married",  "Vampire's Kiss")

" You helped me patiently explore parts of

myself that I was not acquainted

own own means

everything to me...I can't thank you

enough Linda."

  - Bill

" I'm painting, I'm selling my work,

I'm happy!  I never thought it would

happen!  Our work together has made

the difference.  I thank you, Linda,

with all my heart!"

- Sandra

" Working with you has been an amazing journey!  You have

been an integral part of my success, Linda.  I appreciate

and thank you for all your support."

- Emma

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