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Emotional Coaching was created

by  Linda Perhach in 1985.

As a member of SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors

Guild and The American Federation of

Television and Radio Artists), AEA (Actors'

Equity Association), and AGVA (The American

Guild of Variety Artists), she spent many

years as a Professional Dancer, Singer

and Actor, working on Broadway, and in

Television, Film and Theatre.

Linda majored in Psychology and Film Production at City University

in New York.  She is a Certified Transformational Hypnotist and a

Neuro Design Engineering Strategist.  Her background in psychology,

as well as her theatrical experience, brought Emotional Coaching

into being.  Its purpose is to expand consciousness - to create a new

and positive self-awareness - to discover, embrace, and manifest your

authentic and creative self.

" When a person gets in touch with their creativity, and they're

able to express and manifest it, they are inspired and empowered.  This carries over into every aspect of life.  I have the deepest respect for actors and artists, and for all who seek their own truth...for their perseverance...for their courage...for their spirit!"

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